Selamat Bergabung di NAGACASH! Nikmati Permainan Terlengkap & Menangkan Juga Hadiah Dan Bonus Kami yang Menarik !


General Applicable Terms for the Promotion

  • Unless there is a special notice, the turnover requirement should be completed before the withdrawal of the bonus.
  • When the membership account balance has turned 0 prior to the completion of the turnover request, the system will automatically clear out the turnover request, and one can deposit again without worrying about it.
  • Unless there is a special notice, the bonus can be directly applied in “My Offers” page. Customer service will immediately review and arrange for payout. In the events of application failure or payments not paid out, the member can contact online customer service for queries.
  • When the same customer uses multiple accounts to apply for bonuses, multiple accounts were being used to login using the same IP, the same bank account registered with multiple accounts, register and login to numerous accounts via VPN for claiming of bonuses and software bettors. If it has been verified to be true, this site retains the right to: Close the account, block the IP, freezing of all funds, cancel all winnings and bonuses.
  • This site reserves the right to amend and revise, have the right for final interpretation, and the right to change this promotional activity without notification.

Deposit Assistance

Company Deposit:
Upon login the member can click on [Deposit Funds], choose [Online Banking Payments or Internet Payments/ Without Card/ ATM/ Over-the-Counter]
Please select the bank card to be used.
Upon selection of the bank card, the webpage will display the bank account that can be deposited to. Click directly on the bank logo displayed on the webpage, then it will automatically redirect you to the bank’s home page.
Please transfer the money to the deposit account provided by the company upon logging in to your personal banking account.
If you are using Agricultural Bank of China/ICBC, please paste the company’s order number into your online banking [Remarks/ Notes] field
It is recommended to choose the same bank as the bank you used for funds transfer, interbank transfers within the same bank can be credited immediately, while interbank transfers to a different bank will be credited at a later time.*

You can choose to use:
(1). Internet banking: Log in to your internet banking page, then make the transfer from internet banking page to the designated bank account.
(2). ATM (Automatic Teller Machine): Go to the physical ATM to deposit via bank card or cash deposit, this option can be used by members who does not have access to internet banking and for cash deposits preference.
(3). Fund Transfer Over Bank Teller: Go to the bank counter to complete the fund transfer process.
Points to Remember With Company Payment*
Just a sincere reminder, the company’s depositing bank can change as necessary, please confirm the deposit account that you can use before each payment transaction.
This site will not be held responsible if the deposit account has expired. Hoping for your consideration and thank you for your cooperation.
Verification of the submitted data/ Submission of application
When fund transfer is completed, please fill in and submit the relevant data, and save a copy of your company’s deposit form number. The system will perform the matching upon receipt of payment, when the deposited amount and time is consistent, the money will then be added to your game account. The processing time is usually 5-30 minutes. (The time for interbank transfer may take more than 30 minutes)
If the deposited amount does not credit into the account within 5 minutes, please contact the online customer service
The customer service staff will verify your deposit data with you, if necessary, you need to provide screenshots, fund transfer information and other relevant evidence.

II. Online Payment
Member can login and click [Deposit Funds], choose [Online Payment]
Select amount to deposit, and please fill in actual “Contact Number”, if you have any questions, it will facilitate the customer service to contact you as soon as possible.
Select “Bank Payment”.
Debit Card Supporting Banks: China Minsheng Bank Head Office, ICBC, China Construction Bank, China Industrial Bank, China Everbright Bank, Shenzhen Development Bank, China Post, Huaxia Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Bank of China, Bank of Shanghai, Bank of Communications, China Guangfa Bank, Bank of Beijing, China CITIC Bank, Shenzhen Ping An Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, China Merchants Bank.
Upon submission of confirmation, please confirm the payment for your order is correct, and it is recommended that you record your payment order, confirm then submit, and patiently wait for online banking page to load, wherein during transmission your account data has been encrypted.
Go to the internet banking page, fill in your bank account information, upon successful payment, the amount will be processed within 10 minutes then entered into your membership account.

Important Notes on Deposit:
The minimum amount of deposit for this site is RMB 1, single maximum limit use of online payments is RMB 50,000, there is no limit on the use of bank cards for fund transfer, upon confirmation of member deposit it will be credited to the account within 5 minutes, for members who have not activated the access to online banking, please process it by contacting your bank teller.
For any queries, please contact

Withdrawal Assistance

Withdrawal Method
Please select “Withdrawal”, then click on New Account, enter the withdrawal bank information then click “Withdrawal”.
Enter amount for withdrawal, as well as a valid mobile number, if there are any issues then the customer service can contact you as soon as possible.
Confirm the withdrawal bank account is correct.
Select company cash flow remittance:
Binded to ICBC (preferred), Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of Beijing, Bank of Communications, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China Everbright Bank, China Industrial Bank, China Minsheng Bank Head Office, China Merchants Bank, CITIC Bank, Guangdong Development Bank, China Post, Shenzhen Development Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Huaxia Bank, Rural Credit Cooperatives.
If there are any issues, please contact 24/7 online customer service, for withdrawal of less than RMB 1,000,000, the request can be sent 24/7, then you can enjoy its convenience of crediting into account within 5 minutes.

Reminders for Withdrawal:
The minimum withdrawals for this site are RMB 100, the single withdrawal limit is RMB 1,000,000.
Each member will only need to pay for double the amount of cash flow amount after deposit, unlimited daily free withdrawals.
This website reserves the right to review member account, if from the time of previous pay out, the company will charge 20% of the administrative costs with the “final balance after the last deposit” if the valid betting amount does not reach “final balance after the last deposit” by the pay-out requester.
[Example 1] On 1 January 12:00 the current balance was RMB 1000, RMB 3000 was then deposited, after 1 January 12:00, the valid bet amount should be RMB (1000+3000) above the pay-out value, so administrative expenses and fees will not be deducted.
[Example 2] If the valid bet did not reach RMB (1000+3000), the administrative expenses of (1000+3000)*20% + fees of 50 will be deducted, making it a total deduction amount of RMB 850
Tips: The name on the bank account must be consistent with the member’s account name, otherwise our Finance Department will not be able to give you any pay-out!

5. For any inquiries, please contact our 24/7 customer service!

What is the minimum bet amount?

The minimum bet amount on this website is based on different games and further study on them.

What is the maximum bet amount?

Each betting product have their respective maximum bet amount, and the maximum bet amount may be increased or decreased depending on the time of betting and the size of the betting pool.

What is the minimum and maximum deposit amount?

The minimum deposit amount for this website is RMB 1, and there is no limit on maximum deposit amount.

Reminder to Members: For those who showed long-term support for this site, please contact us if you need a deposit of more than RMB 500,000, for your account security, we will give you access to a separate channel to handle relevant matters. Thank you for your support.

Is there a limit to the amount of withdrawal?

The maximum single withdrawal amount is RMB 1 million, no maximum daily deposit amount, daily number of withdrawal are unlimited.

Do I need to pay for fees for transfer or withdrawal?

Aside from the bank charges collected for your remittance, there is no need for you to pay any fees for any deposit and withdrawal made on this website. Moreover, for every deposit you make on this website, you will receive 2% rebate from the company for your deposit, the rebate shall be credited in the form of chips to your main gaming account.

What should be done if I forgot my username or password?

If you forgot your username, please contact our online customer service immediately, then we will review the information you provided.

If you have forgotten your password, you can click on the "forgot password" on the site, retrieve the password with steps required, then retrieve your password. Upon member registration, please fill up the valid email address and mobile number, it will help you receive information and retrieve your password.

The member's password is the highest level of trade secrets on this website, encrypted in a secure server set up overseas, it cannot be made public to anyone (including all internal staff), hence, our customer service staff cannot provide you with any information about the password directly.

The chosen bank account showing that it has already been registered and bound, what should I do?

If you are being prompted that your set bank account is being used, you should change to a bank account that has not been set up and bound. The same bank account cannot be bound to two member accounts.

What to do when an account has been blocked?

This is due to a password error when you log in, the system will freeze your account to protect your account, immediately contact the online customer service to unblock the account.

Can I deposit money directly on the web? What is the company's deposit? What is online payment?

Yes, click on the online banking deposit at the login area, you can see two deposit types as company deposit and online banking payment, you can choose whichever type to make a deposit.

Company deposit is credited to our designated bank account, online banking payments are made through third party payment for deposits, you need to have online banking or mobile banking to make the payment.

Can I delete/ cancel my membership account?

This site does not cancel your membership account for any reason, you can contact your online customer service to request to freeze / deactivate your membership account

Got sudden disconnection while betting, will it affect the data being traded?

When you suddenly got disconnected in this site while betting, if your bet has already been accepted, it shall continue with the accepted bet; if your bet win after the game, you shall get the usual payout. If it got disconnected while clicking confirmation, we recommend that you sign-in again and make the confirmation when your network connection returned, please contact your online customer service if you still cannot confirm.

How to use a foreign DNS server safe and securely?

Just follow the following six steps to easily let you quickly use secured and reliable foreign DNS server, it will make your online gambling safer and more enjoyable. Use these internationally renowned DNS servers, it will not only avoid the local telecommunications or Netcom domain name hijacking and can more quickly browse the international website.

Step 1: Open the Network and Sharing Center

Step 2: Change the adapter settings

Step 3: Select the local link or WIFI properties

Step 4: Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) properties

Step 5: Select the following DNS server address and use the following DNS IP

If you choose to use Google's free DNS:
You can also refer to
Select primary DNS server:
Alternate DNS server:
If you choose to use OpenDNS for free DNS:
You can also refer to
Primary DNS server:
Alternate DNS server:

If your previous steps were done correctly, you should be able to view this webpage now.

Plug-in Anti-Pembajakan (hanya untuk Windows)
Instruksi: Unduh plug-in dan klik dua kali file BAT. Ketikkan sembarang tombol untuk memulai sampai muncul "SELESAI". *Coba Google DNS lebih dulu*